Attorney E.A. ‘Bo’ Pollard Represents Clients in All Areas of DUI Defense

Nevada and California have strict DUI laws, which the courts aggressively enforce. Attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard is among the most experienced DUI defense attorneys in Northern Nevada and Northern California, with a proven record of success at trial. He is prepared to challenge all types of DUI charges. The following list explains some of the most common DUI charges.

First Time DUI

Many individuals who are arrested for a first-time DUI believe there is no way to successfully challenge the charge, or that pleading guilty and paying the fine will result in less out-of-pocket costs than hiring an attorney. That is rarely the case. Studies have shown that the true cost of a first-time DUI conviction can easily exceed $10,000 when you consider all of the fines, increased insurance premiums, loss of employment and various penalties incurred. Being convicted of a DUI—even if it’s your first offense—is considered a serious crime and brings with it serious consequences. An experienced Nevada DUI defense attorney will work diligently to fight the case against you in an effort to persuade the court to dismiss or lessen the charges you face. 

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Multiple DUI 

If you’ve previously been convicted of a DUI, you may believe that your second or third offense will garner the same penalties as your first offense. This is simply not the case. Repeat offenders face increasingly severe penalties, including a longer jail or prison sentence, a much longer license suspension period, and significantly higher fines. In fact, if you have three prior convictions, you may be charged with Felony DUI. Even if you have one or more prior DUI convictions on record, a vigorous DUI defense strategy can make all the difference to your current case.

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Felony DUI

Charges for driving under the influence are typically classified as misdemeanors, however under certain circumstances, you may be charged with a felony DUI. Some situations that may constitute a felony include prior DUI arrests, DUI with injury and vehicular manslaughter. If convicted of felony DUI, the penalties are much more severe and could disrupt your life for decades. Under a recently passed Nevada law, if you have ever been convicted of a felony, even if 30 or 40 years ago, you will be charged with a felony DUI under the new “Once a felony, always a felony” law. Permanent loss of your driver’s license, potential job loss, substantial fines and prison time can all result from a conviction. If you are facing a felony DUI charge, contact a Nevada DUI lawyer for guidance on the most appropriate strategy for your case. 

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Under Age DUI

If you or a loved one are under the age of 21 and are arrested for driving under the influence you risk serious penalties. There is a stricter limit for underage drinkers in an effort to discourage teenagers and young drivers from drinking and driving at all. One drink alone can test over the legal BAC limit set for underage drivers. Penalties for a conviction range from immediate suspension of driving privileges for several months up to one year if convicted. Working with a skilled DUI defense attorney will provide you the opportunity to resolve your case, possibly avoiding the suspension, fines and jail time. 

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DUI with Injury

Anyone who faces a DUI with injuries charge should invoke his or her right to remain silent and contact a professional DUI attorney immediately. Any collision resulting in bodily injury where the driver is suspected of driving under the influence is a very serious situation that can have extremely severe legal consequences. DUI defense attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard handles many cases of this nature and is committed to protecting the rights and best interests of his clients.

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Vehicular Manslaughter

A charge of vehicular manslaughter in combination with driving under the influence is a very serious crime. If you are facing these charges, invoke your right to remain silent and contact a well-respected and experienced Nevada DUI lawyer immediately. Under Nevada law, if you are convicted of vehicular homicide (DUI resulting in death, with 3 prior like offenses) you may face imprisonment for life. DUI defense attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard understands the emotional, financial, and legal ramifications of these charges and will be diligent in protecting your rights.

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In Nevada, the legal limit for blood alcohol is much lower for drivers operating a vehicle with a commercial driver’s license. The legal limit is 0.04%, rather than 0.08% for holders of non-commercial driver’s licenses. The legal limit of 0.04% applies to you if you have a CDL, regardless of whether you were operating a commercial vehicle or your private automobile or truck outside your employment. If you have a CDL and are charged with driving under the influence, the way you choose to proceed with your case will have a critical impact on your ability to work. If convicted of CDL DUI, in addition to significant fines, community service, court-ordered classes and possible jail time, you can have your CDL license revoked for an indeterminate amount of time, thereby depriving you of a stable income. A aggressive DUI defense attorney will be able to help you challenge the charges and fight for the best outcome.

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Out of State DUI

If you live outside of Nevada or California but have been charged with DUI in one of these states, you should consult a DUI defense attorney with knowledge, experience and a license to practice in the state where you have been charged. Nevada and California DUI Attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard is licensed in both states, and has 25 years of experience practicing law and building strong relationships within the criminal justice system here. He will represent you through the entire DUI legal process, defend your rights, and advise you on your best options for your specific case.

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Driving on a Revoked License

If you have previously been convicted of DUI and have been charged with Driving on a Revoked License in California or Nevada, consult an experienced DUI defense attorney who has achieved successful outcomes for similar cases. Nevada and California DUI Attorney ‘Bo’ Pollard will review the specific details of your case and work diligently to ensure the best possible resolution, whether by limiting the duration of your license revocation, or by lessening or avoiding fines and jail time.